Amendments to the Model Year 2012 Mercedes SLK

Mercedes SLK in 2012 is the car that Mercedes recently unveiled, and it seems that the biggest change has taken place in this new model lies in the forefront of design and, more specifically anti shock front.
Category and will provide the modified metal roof can be folded This is in addition to change the status of the side mirrors have become less high from the ground were also changing the status of "Ariel" radio, which now comes on the one hand the bag back.
It will be the standard model category equipped with the updated six-cylinder engine to produce a force of up to 230 horsepower. There have been rumors about the processing of the new class four-cylinder engine offline Pterpo Charge, but this is likely not currently available.
It is known so far that there is a category of the AMG engine fitted with the updated big and powerful 5.5-liter eight-valve

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