Infiniti M35h Voice alert system to avoid the shocked pedestrian in the

Infiniti M35h became the first hybrid vehicle in the world provide a system beep to avoid pedestrians shocked as standard, and will be available in European markets within the next three months.

This can be a hybrid car with a revolutionary high-performance to be launched for the longer distances and faster style silent on electricity alone than any other hybrid car, uses a combination of distinctive sounds to help ensure the safety of other road users.

And is controlled boasts «next vehicle sound to alert pedestrians» VSP through the new computer, that link in the car audio device with a headset at the forefront of vehicle front bumper.

It works directly for the moment of operation of the vehicle speed to 30 km / hour, and stop at the speed of 25 km / h with slow speed of the car.

Instead of a single note, selected a set of sounds high - low levels of multiple audio after the implementation of an intensive research program to find out «noise» the most effective and least disruptive. The team studied who developed the system in the parent company of Infinity in collaboration with experts in cognitive psychology and audio, in many respects from the behavior patterns of pedestrians, leading to noise pollution.

As a result of that research, there was a voice «sine wave», which ranges from 2.5 kHz at the upper limit and 600 Hz at the minimum, and that the audible for the age groups, but avoid long-audio (about 1000 Hz), which adds noise is not necessary to the environment.

The sound moves from high to low frequency according to the speed of the car and whether the Infiniti M35h accelerate or reduce speed. And the sound is at the top of his grades at the operating to give a clear signal that the vehicle starts moving, while intermittent tone used when you return back, were calculated both sounds, so as not to surprise the Infiniti M35h and visually impaired pedestrians when approaching them.

Despite the fact that Infiniti M35h moving at speeds close to 80 km / h on electric power only engine without noise, mean noise after speed of 30 km / hour that Infiniti M35h generate adequate voice through the «voice of the vehicle next to alert pedestrians» VSP to stay away from an the case of impact. Showed extensive testing program in the stages of the development of a hybrid car that driving conditions can be multi-Infiniti M35h Sir style electric only for the time up to 50 percent of driving time.

And join the new technology to a creative safety systems available in the Infiniti M35h, including dynamic safety shield in the back luxury.

The Infiniti M35h the third car of the three vehicles V6 sedan with performance that challenge the traditional executive car category in Europe, the newest vehicles from the manufacturer of luxury cars from Japan, which provided the technology for Infiniti hybrid direct response.

And collect the car between a V6 engine gasoline 3.5-liter that produces 302 hp engine with electric power of 67 horsepower, to provide performance sports cars respond very high with the ability to walk engine power without the emissions at all, and often, for longer periods and at higher speeds compared to hybrid vehicles currently available in the market
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